Happy 2020? then I am wrong…

when I thought that 2020 would be awesome ~ then I am wrong…

when I thought I would have some awesome trips ~ then I am wrong

when I thought I would have my favourite hot chocolate ~ then I am wrong

when I thought I would be able to see some friends ~ then I am wrong

when I thought I would walk the old memories ~ ~ ~

oh well…welcome to 2020 ~ ~ ~

here me am,
staying between home and my apartment ~
and now…me us into making sweets ~ not baking…
as I am now give up already with making bread…


my “Animal Crossing” world

Since i came back from Japan in February, I haven’t step in to the airport anymore – due to Covid-19, I also cancelled my 2 summer trips…
would never thought that asking for flight ticket refund would be so hurt and bitter ~

and, now its mid July ~ and nothing is change ~ by the way, I haven’t got my refund money ~ I am planning to buy the Hairbeauron once i receive my the cash!

So, during these “self-restriction or quarantine” – Animal Crossing on Nintendo was released ~ no doubt! it was a huge success for Nintendo!

Me, as a loyal fan of Animal Crossing – I already pre-order a month before its release date – and… I L O V E I T ! ! !
everything just so cute and so much better than New Leaf!

More than anything, I love my villagers ~ I started with 2 villagers ~ and now I have 10 (we can only have maximum of 10 villagers)
As for now, my villagers are Diana, Beau, Cheri, Molly, Sherb, Nan, Stitches, Lolly, Gala and Pekoe.
Diana would be my favourite ever after – I am so often to get chuckled for whatever she uttered!

So, this is me ~ and my current villagers

Me…when I am so excited to dive!!

So, while we are stranded and being “locked” at our own home ~ our character can go out and play ~ can dive (just recently), can shop also can travel by plane and see the blue sky above…
Makes me envy thou! Hahahaha!

I would love to share some photos of my beloved villagers;

oh my baby Di!
poor Pekoe! be still with Beau!
when the girls wants to be a spy together ~
love you Stitches!
morning time!!

Aren’t they so adorable!!! I don’t know how long I would be playing the game – since more and more updates are coming!
I am looking forward!!

Have the loveliest of lovely days!
(by: Isabelle ~ Animal Crossing New Horizons)

Singapore Airlines, and why?

Not few of my friends will always ask me, why SQ Re?

why you would rather to fly alone in a different airlines – just for the sake of Singapore Airlines itself.
and yes ~ ~ ~ i did this every single time i flew with my family. My sisters and our parents will usually take the same flight ~ while me…i’ll fly with SQ all the way and all the time…

Now, that I am sitting nearby the waiting room for my departure to Tokyo Haneda, when the SQ aircraft was actually approaching to park, then suddenly that kinda “holy” question popped in to my brain.

So, now…i am thinking to answer this questions,

  1. SQ is home for me. I did my long-haul flight to London (back in April 2007), alone…when usually my parents will just fly with the daughters for their degree – but when its my turn, I didn’t have that moment. That very first experience, I was excited, I was overwhelmed – yet I am just alone…in SQ, I basically found home – getting know well with the flight attendants then becoming friends with some of the passengers – later I know…I am trapped in this SQ hole LOL!
  2. SQ never dissapoint me. Once i flew in economy class and i forgot my iPod (its a small one and even I just…forget it, its an old one) – yet SQ contacted me the next day and sent my iPod to my home.
  3. The food? Yummy! long haul means longing tummy to be fed . While other airlines (I don’t want to mentioned what are they) usually give you a quite while heated food (even its in business class), but I always feel that SQ gives you quite the fresh cooked ones – my favourite? their chicken satay!!!
  4. A trust. I feel safe everytime I fly with SQ. I had a 7 hours turbulance (it was the flight from London to Singapore), yet I feel safe and I was actually had fun ~ I know it sounds creepy – but just this faith that i will be okay…
  5. Comfort comfort comfort!

Nevertheless, I have friends that was once working for Singapore Airlines – so i know bits bads of it…still, I keep going on and fly with SQ everywhere I go – no matter how close and how far (except domestic though) ~

There you go ~ a short essay from me before I leave to see Don Juan!
(me is waiting for a detective to kick me) ❥❥❥


sunny summer ~ hot breeze ~ tanned skin and me…

i wish i would write this earlier than now – but, as i expected…
me was totally knackered!(´。`)

the “peak of summer” equals ME…ME…me! ~ ~ ~

with a non-stop journey here and there (well, only within 2 – 3 countries ~ eh wait…4 countries with my own) then with a quite packed schedules…
it was tots fun! yet bittersweet! yet…my heart fulfilled! ❤

my summer began with…Japan 🇯🇵

left for Tokyo in mid June (just a day after Eid Fitr ~ thanked God my parents gave me this “special” permission to go pheeew!)…arrived in one morning day ~ then went to the Concert in the afternoon…
I was quite worried if i could fall asleep ~ yet i know my friend will slap me if i did!
so, basically i survived ~ and i believed i sleep like a fat pig that evening!

had some relax days in Tokyo before we were heading to Amami, Kagoshima – we took Vanilla Air from Tokyo Narita to Amami ~ it was around 2 hours flight…
if you ask…Amami is just nearby Okinawa…so, we were going south (if you still looking at the map ~ ~ ~ these AMAMI TRAVEL and AMAMI MAP would help)

Miss Lou (originally Stella Lou from Tokyo Disneysea) ~ posed in The Scene with the pink heart background as the hotel symbol? (i think so) ~ ~ ~


she looks really cute right ~ ~ ~ with that boots!!!

so, why this hotel? The Scene is the hotel where my favourite #1 group stayed before for their bonus recording, so my friend and I went there and stayed for a night.

The hotel was really nice ~ just the weather was dull!
when we were there…it was raining and cloudy ~ yet, we did enjoyed The Scene private beach ~ the breakfast was also really nice 。^‿^。

We also crossed the strait to Kakeromajima with ferry (again ~ for the same reason why we went to Amami Island) fufufu ~ ~ ~ (/≧ω\)
My friend contaced someone in the island that could bring us to go around.

The trip continue ~ after Amami…we flew back…but not to Tokyo ~ we flew to Osaka…for our next leg of the Concertsss!

Another friend who lives in Osaka joined us – and it was her first time to watch this group. We were a bit worried – whether that she would like it or not yet we were also curious how will she judge the group itself…
aaand..it turned out…she likes it!!! we were yeaaay!!!
didn’t take long for her to ask for their songs! (´꒳`)

…i’ll continue next post with another summer in London ~ ~ ~



my days with the games ~

beeeeeeeen so much a while!

…just realised that i haven’t write anything this year!
oh GOSH!!! what am i doing all these days?!!!

well, to sum-up a bit ~ i did a travelling ~ a very short one …of only 3 days to Japan ~ and again for Concert ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
it was a very short one ~ tiring yet so happy!
even there was a little bit incident, yet overall…for me …L.O.V.E IT!

then…about something else ~


early this year, NEWS released the maiden games (or Otome Game or Otoge, in short) – that you can play on your mobile phone!
(click on the logo if you want to know further about this game!)
since its the rule that we can’t screencap the game – even i really want to show it off!
yet, anyway ~ i am obeying the rules given ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

i never play this kind of game before ~ so my knowledge about this genre is ZERO!
yet a friend who quite a gamer for this genre gave me (and my other friends) an introduction to the otoge (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

then the next hurdle was this game is only able to be downloaded from Japan region only ~ as Apple AppStore Japan region as well as for Android Play Store…
so, my friend and me ~ we were trying to make an account on Apple ~ and we made it *so happy!!!
as for Android, there is a specific application that need to be installed – so, we can download the game to our Android phone.

and now ~ ~ ~
i am waiting patiently for the purple member’s story to be released! (the green member’s story is coming up soon ~ some of my friends are already “doki-doki” for it)
and…the pink and yellow member’s story has been opened ~ as i have done the pink member’s one! (o_ _)ノ彡☆
(at laaast!!! took me longer than my other friends!)


theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen…another game ~ ~ ~

this one is more universal thou…

Harry Potter ~ Hogwarts Mystery!!!
(as a Harry Potter’s long-time fan, i am sooo happy with this game!)

and…this is my character and her progress up to now ~

Summer Ray_180517_0001

just don’t ask what inspired me for her name… (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

love this game! the characters and all! it feels…like bringing me back to the Harry Potter’s era ~ up to the point where i re-watched all Harry Potter’s movie again!
also, realised that i actually own Luna Lovegood’s wand ~
(i bought it when i was in the UK at the Harry Potter WB Studio)
and…she is my favourite character! i know she looks unique and sane in some what ways ~ nevertheless…she’s different in a good way!

“Don’t worry. You’re just as sane as I am”
(Luna Lovegood to Harry Potter)


before 2017 ends and 2018 begins…

time goes by really quick!

CANNOT BELIEVE in few days we will be writing January 1st 2018!!!

as much as i am excited for another new year,
its just as much as i am clueless on “what-to-do” on the this 2018’s Eve…
since my parents are abroad until early January ~ so, basically i am literally free to do what i want huh?!
kinda planning on BBQ with some friends ~ yet i do so much aware that the traffic to come to my crib would be such a hassle!
so, still tentative yet…i wish i could make it 🙂 it’ll be great!

so, what do you have in mind for this New Year’s Eve?

tomorrow is Christmaaas!!! *jingle jingle jingleee!
(and i so much can’t wait to see my Christmas pressie! ~ so so SOOO EXCITED!)


to those of you who celebrate Christmas,
may you have a HAPPY JOLLY CHRISTMAS 🎄


and for all…
wish you a GREAT FAB AWESOME 2018! (at least i plan my 2018 to be wonderful!)


*) credit pictures to Inslee

the 2017 Super Summer from Kanto to Kansai to Kyushu ~

arrived in early August, Tokyo was surely hottie hot ~ well, around 30 – 32 degrees Celcius…

then the next day, i off to Osaka (Shin-Osaka) ~ and my accommodation was excellent! just 2 – 3 mins walk from the station and the view is…Shin-Osaka Station!


I was in Osaka ~ bluntly for watching a butai 🙂 this butai was my first ever butai in Japan ~ and i watched it alone! well, a friend from Singapore was watching at the same time and day but different seats…so, arrived in Osaka quite a day before the show…i decided to look for the venue – since i am not so familiar with Osaka itself…

with a train map and much help from Google Map…found it!
as actually i was also looking around the venue and tried different paths – as which one is easier for me to come here…since Morinomiya got JR Line and Subway *but a lot of stairs to walk up with Subway ~ sighhh… ~ yet with JR, its quite a walking distance compares to Subway fufufufu…

after somedays in Kansai area – i went back to Tokyo, then i went to NEWS Koyama’s Ramen Shop *grinning hehehehe…

managed to see Koyama’s Mom ~ and i also witnessed that some fans are giving presents – either its for her or for her son ~ *uhmmm which one is likely to occur? fufufufufu…

the next day, my friend and me – we went to Tokyo Disneyland – we were actually just want to go to the Bon Voyage “Disney Mega Store” – for the sake of buying Stella Lou (for me) and Gelatoni (for my friend) – then later on we knew that to buy Duffy and friends merchandises, we need to enter the DisneySea! *sighhh ~ Disney really know how to make money huh? ~ ~ ~ so, after some minutes contemplation…we decided to buy the eeer was it Starlight or Twilight ticket? anyway, the ticket that we bought is to enter either Disneyland or Disneysea after 15:00…

FullSizeRender 111

this is the huge billboards that we saw when we off from the JR Maihama ~ i shrieked out when i saw Stella Lou (the purple bunny) ~ then Gelatoni is the green cat fufufufu ~

then, after bought all those merchandises, we off to the lake to see the evening parade! Disney just never fail to amaze me!!!

the next day ~ on August 12th, we went again to Karuizawa! and i ate double scoops of Choco Mint ice cream again eh…it was gelato! 🙂 the one that NEWS’s Tegoshi ate during the summer trip to Karuizawa fufufufu…

FullSizeRender 94

since basically i love mint *high five Tegoshi!!!* so, my love for this flavour just never dies! and afterwards, i found this!


i was “GYAAAAAAAAA!” and then this drink has been my favourite drink in everywhere i go fufufufu *alright enough to fulfill my sugary needs! LOL

after Concert’s day on the 13th…my friend and me flew from Tokyo to KYUSHUUU!!!

some photos from Kyushu ~ where i went to Beppu ~ Yufuin ~ Aso ~ Hita then last Kumamoto…

i tried public onsen for the first time in Beppu, my first time stayed in a fine ryokan in Yufuin, then experience the ranch in Aso, shopped in Edo-like area in Hita and my first time to eat horsemeat sashimi in Kumamoto…all of these are beyond priceless…
i can’t tell everything in bits by bits! yet even it was a hottie hot summer ~ it was amazing!!! 🙂
i know i will not be able to walk thru this all alone…thank you 236! ❤