For any comments or enquiry, do feel free to post a message on my Comment’s box below…

…if no email received within 1 x 24 hours, please do tweet @chibiachan26 (send a Direct Message) or send me an email.

with my Rainbow regards,
A.Riantini Ionapuspa



7 thoughts on “To.Contact

  1. Sarah says:

    I would like to download the King KinKi Kids concert but, it seems that the page was not found. Could you do something about it? Pleaseee….

    • A.Ionapuspa says:

      hi Sarah,

      i tend to only keep the file maximum of 1 month – so, obviously this page has been erased as well as the file – since i need the space to upload another files >_< apologised…

  2. Candy85 says:

    Hi,I’m mother now,so I don’t have too much time to search the Kinki kids and other idols I love in Johnnys.Could you give me a chance to download the Kinki Kids’ programs in your web?If can,could you send a password to me?Pls…Many thanks.If no,it will be fine too.Thanks.

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