before 2017 ends and 2018 begins…

time goes by really quick!

CANNOT BELIEVE in few days we will be writing January 1st 2018!!!

as much as i am excited for another new year,
its just as much as i am clueless on “what-to-do” on the this 2018’s Eve…
since my parents are abroad until early January ~ so, basically i am literally free to do what i want huh?!
kinda planning on BBQ with some friends ~ yet i do so much aware that the traffic to come to my crib would be such a hassle!
so, still tentative yet…i wish i could make it 🙂 it’ll be great!

so, what do you have in mind for this New Year’s Eve?

tomorrow is Christmaaas!!! *jingle jingle jingleee!
(and i so much can’t wait to see my Christmas pressie! ~ so so SOOO EXCITED!)


to those of you who celebrate Christmas,
may you have a HAPPY JOLLY CHRISTMAS 🎄


and for all…
wish you a GREAT FAB AWESOME 2018! (at least i plan my 2018 to be wonderful!)


*) credit pictures to Inslee


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