my “Animal Crossing” world

Since i came back from Japan in February, I haven’t step in to the airport anymore – due to Covid-19, I also cancelled my 2 summer trips…
would never thought that asking for flight ticket refund would be so hurt and bitter ~

and, now its mid July ~ and nothing is change ~ by the way, I haven’t got my refund money ~ I am planning to buy the Hairbeauron once i receive my the cash!

So, during these “self-restriction or quarantine” – Animal Crossing on Nintendo was released ~ no doubt! it was a huge success for Nintendo!

Me, as a loyal fan of Animal Crossing – I already pre-order a month before its release date – and… I L O V E I T ! ! !
everything just so cute and so much better than New Leaf!

More than anything, I love my villagers ~ I started with 2 villagers ~ and now I have 10 (we can only have maximum of 10 villagers)
As for now, my villagers are Diana, Beau, Cheri, Molly, Sherb, Nan, Stitches, Lolly, Gala and Pekoe.
Diana would be my favourite ever after – I am so often to get chuckled for whatever she uttered!

So, this is me ~ and my current villagers

Me…when I am so excited to dive!!

So, while we are stranded and being “locked” at our own home ~ our character can go out and play ~ can dive (just recently), can shop also can travel by plane and see the blue sky above…
Makes me envy thou! Hahahaha!

I would love to share some photos of my beloved villagers;

oh my baby Di!
poor Pekoe! be still with Beau!
when the girls wants to be a spy together ~
love you Stitches!
morning time!!

Aren’t they so adorable!!! I don’t know how long I would be playing the game – since more and more updates are coming!
I am looking forward!!

Have the loveliest of lovely days!
(by: Isabelle ~ Animal Crossing New Horizons)


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