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Maybe God Is Making You Wait Because He Wants You To Learn That There’s No Timeline For Anything In Life

Maybe you’re not where you want to be at 20 or 30 or 40 because God is teaching you that you can’t keep living your life according to what society is expecting, or what your parents are expecting or what you are expecting. Maybe the lesson is to let go all of the expectations, let go of all the timelines and let go of the notion that at a certain age, you have to be more accomplished than others or you need to have it all together.

Maybe you’re still single because God is trying to teach you another kind of love, the kind of love that you give to your friends, your family, your job and yourself. Maybe he wants you to learn how to live without the constant reassurance and validation you need from a partner and maybe God knows that your journey is full of traveling, self-exploration and movement that getting tied to a partner is not going to be the right fit for you. Maybe he’s teaching you how to walk before you run.

Maybe he’s teaching you the same lessons over and over again because he wants you to learn the art of trying, the art of not giving up, the art of learning how to live with disappointments and how to live with setbacks because they’re always going to accompany you.

Maybe God is trying to teach you that you shouldn’t take life too seriously. Maybe the lesson is enjoying life as it is instead of putting deadlines, timelines and expiration dates. Maybe life is just ageless and timeless and we just have to accept that.

Maybe waiting is just another word for letting go. As if God is giving you a sign to let go without worrying about what will happen because he’s going to reward you with something better.

Maybe he doesn’t want you to be so obsessed with timing and how others see you, maybe he wants you to break free from all these illusions and fantasies you have for yourself and learn how to live peacefully in reality.

Or maybe he’s making you wait because the more you wait, the more you’ll appreciate what you’re going to get. The longer you wait, the longer you’ll keep what he’s going to give you. Maybe he just doesn’t want you to be an ungrateful person, he wants you to value the gifts he’s going to send you and he wants to send them to you when he knows you’re ready to take good care of them.

Maybe God wants you to realize that all these timelines were man-made by people with fixed thoughts and ideas, by people with different circumstances, by people who never even saw you and people who led different lives. Maybe God just wants you to understand that all these deadlines don’t really represent you because they weren’t made for you.

Maybe God just wants you to understand that your life will never be perfect and will never go as planned and you just have to try to love it and love him regardless.

Maybe he’s teaching you how to wait because he wants you to know that you can’t always control your life no matter how hard you try because that’s his job, not yours.

credit to Rania Naim ~ The Article (February 27th, 2017)

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You Have Been Through A Lot, And That Is What Makes You Incredible

I was reading a book and came across this quote, “Everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their life because we all overcome the world.” So, here I am, deciding to give standing ovations to all the people and terrible circumstances these people try to overcome in order to keep living their life as best as they can, same as me.

Here’s to the times, when we said goodbye when all we really wanted was “please stay” and we had to give up on someone not because we wanted to but because they did.

Here’s to all the ‘forevers’ that changed to ‘nevers’ in the blink of an eye and all we could do is bite back our tears and smile and accept things as they turned out to be and hope for something better to come along.

Here’s to all the people that we miss so much that in our dreams there is only darkness and their voices, here’s to all the people that we think about but who don’t even appear in our dreams anymore, here’s to the ones who are just memories of memories now.

Here’s to you and to me and a million even billion others who get up every morning and hope that today it will get better even when the odds are always against us, to all of us who know what we deserve but never get it but we still hope that we will because we believe in something greater than fate: Ourselves. And that keeps us going.

Here’s to all those unending dark nights, to the days that passed in the blink of an eye, to the setbacks that knocked you off the knees today or years or months ago, to the times you got back up on your own, to all the tears you didn’t wipe away, to you who keeps searching for all the silver linings in grey clouds.

Here’s to all the times you doubted your choices, to all the times you were afraid of losing precious time of your life, to all the times you felt alive, to all those people that made you glad you were alive to witness that moment.

Here’s to all those moments you sat in exasperation and with hope totally lost, to those times when you needed inspiration that never came, to all those times nothing worked out quite like the way you prayed it will, to all those apologies you never said or got, to all the people that we lost because sometimes you have to lose things to know what they actually meant and to cherish it in your memories and look for something better.

Here’s to all the teachers and parents that never tried to understand you, to all the friends that never quite understood the concept of friendship, to all these people that made you believe that it was your entire fault and you were the “different” one. To you, who bent due to their crossed stares and words but never broke. Never broke. To you, who I’m telling to STRAIGHTEN the hell up now. Okay?

Here’s to all the love you gave and deserve but never got it in return but you didn’t let these people empty you, to all the forgiveness you gave but never got, to all the second chances that turned to shit because things might’ve been the same but those people changed and you blamed yourself (please don’t).

Here’s to the sufferings, here’s to the pain, which made you stronger and kinder. Here’s to all the people that are holding onto somebody’s who is already gone, who are leaning over the balcony and hoping they will fly, who wake up with tired sighs and eyes, who are surrounded by friends they no longer know, who sit in their worn-out chairs and wait for change to come and take them away from that place.

Here’s to all the adults who are still haunted by things their parents said to them in childhood, to the fights you blocked out with covering your ears, to all the people that give back more kindness to the world than it ever gave them in return.

Here’s to all the people that chose people or things over you, to them teaching you the lesson that you would never do that to someone else, to all those times you felt replaced and forgotten and unimportant and “not good enough” but you accepted it all because you think that that’s just how things are always with you and that’s the way it will be, to you who I’m telling this to you: It IS NOT like that with you. You don’t deserve to be replaced, forgotten, unimportant and not good enough.

To you, who is IRREPLACEABLE, UNFORGETTABLE, IMPORTANT AND GOOD ENOUGH. Yes, you are. Please don’t forget that or let somebody convince you that you aren’t. You deserve a standing ovation for being alive and for being you, however you are or how’ve you been, whatever you’ve done or never found the courage to do, for getting through whatever people did to you, for everything. Here’s to you, darling. I hope you know how awesome you are and how much more awesome you can be.

credit to Oshin Ahlawat ~ The Article (May 5th 2015)

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Sometimes The Girl Who Is Always There For Everyone Else, Needs Someone There For Her

When you’re the girl who is always there for others — you feel a lot. You have depths within you, an ocean for a heart, and you keep falling for people who are too scared to swim. You give and you give and you give; tearing pieces of your paper soul into the smallest of fragments just to set someone else aflame.

You hurt. My god, do you hurt. You ache, wondering if someone will ever give you the love you so freely give to others, wondering if there will come a time when someone asks how you are doing, how you are coping, how you are healing.

And when that doesn’t happen, you heal yourself. You find strength in things other than people. You find energy in your solitude, you find hope in your daydreams. You build yourself up, tell yourself that you don’t need anyone to save you, that you don’t need anyone to steady your foundation.

But you do.

See, sometimes the girl who is always there for everyone else, needs someone there for her. Sometimes, the girl who smiles the biggest holds the biggest hurt. Sometimes the girl who is always the person who wipes the tears of others, goes home and cries lakes into the midnight hour. Sometimes the girl who encourages everyone around her needs to be told that she is appreciated, that she matters; sometimes she needs to be encouraged herself.

So, if you’re the girl who is always there for others, know that your heart is rare. Know that you hold within you an ability to calm storms in people, a beautiful gift that has relieved sore eyes and hurt minds. Know that you give people hope, that you inspire them by acknowledging the pieces of them most ignore, that you make people feel wanted, that you make people feel like they have purpose.

However, also remind yourself that you are not invincible. Your heart needs rest. You need rest. Remind yourself that you do not need to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, that you may not be able to save everyone, that you may not be able to heal every hurt. Remind yourself that you deserve to take all of the energy you put out into the world and invest it back into yourself from time to time. That you are worthy of the love you keep giving to everyone else. Remind yourself, that you don’t always have to be strong, that you don’t always have to be the fixer. Remind yourself that you can be human, that you can ask for help; that you don’t always have to be the one to save yourself.

credit to Bianca Sparacino ~ The Article (July 6th 2016)

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10 Things You Should Know About Dating The Woman Who’s ‘Forever Alone’

Certain women always have people by their sides, whether they’re boyfriends, friends with benefits or both.

And if they don’t, they keep looking.

On the other side, there are a bunch of women who haven’t gone through the whole “dating” phase of their lives.

I am one of those women, and I haven’t found someone I want to be with, someone I want to have on my speed dial and someone I won’t be ashamed of making out with on the road, in the mall and everywhere else.

This is for all those other women out there who are like me.

Maybe we haven’t found the right ones, or maybe we aren’t ready for them yet.

Or maybe, we’re waiting for the best ones to come into our lives.

We’re waiting for people who will make us understand why it hasn’t worked out with anybody else.

Here are all the things people need to know about dating the “forever single” woman:


She doesn’t need you; she wants you. She wants you to her encourage her, empower her and make her the best she could be.

She knows she is complete, and she just wants you to inspire her to keep going.


She isn’t not liked by guys or unwanted. She definitely has a lot of eyes on her.

But, she just hasn’t found anybody she would want to be serious with.


Just because she sometimes doesn’t want to meet up with you, it doesn’t mean she’s done with you.

She just likes spending some time by herself. She understands the meaning of riding solo, as she’s been that way for so long.


That doesn’t mean she’s egoistic.
She wants to pay for herself, and she likes splitting the bill with you.


She knows what and how she is. She isn’t going to pester you for updates about what you’re doing and the people you’re with.


Sometimes, she does want someone by her side. She’s just waiting for the right one.


So, there’s absolutely no need to tell her about every text you sent.

She trusts you and knows you need your own space, too.


She’s been through all the best friend breakups, weight gains, mood swings and everything else in her life without having a boyfriend to talk to about it. She’s survived it all alone.
So, she doesn’t need a boyfriend to vent out all her issues to. She’s strong enough to walk through the storm, and you should know it.


She has a life and knows you do, too. She isn’t going to be irritated you didn’t meet her on time or text her back when you were playing PlayStation with your guys.


She knows her worth, and she totally knows how much you mean to her.

She doesn’t fall easily, so you better know how to treat her.

She doesn’t expect you to be all over her or around her all the time, but she wants you to be the best you can for her.

This is especially true considering she’s been waiting for someone like you for years.

credit to ~  ~ The Article (November 4th 2015)

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