the shoppe is the sport

can’t deny it no more ~ shopping is truly my definition of doing sports or exercises …(quite believe my Dad will staring at me if i say this in front of him…)

however…girls or ladies or women or female or whatever it wants to be called…we love to shop!
i believe more than 50% of all women in the world love to shop ~

when i shop …well anyone and everyone ~ of course we have to walk to see the items right? call this one “walking” but not on the treadmill…then *well…for me since i’m short – 157cm* quite often i can’t reach an item that i like easily, so that i have to stretch out my hand ~ call this one “stretching”!
next…after shops after shops after another shops…surely i will have some things on my hand that i have to carry everywhere ~ call this “weight’lifting”

so? we do sport huh?

Shopping is a Sport



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