the glimpse of Kyoto ~

…from Fushimi Inari Taisha to Ginkaku-ji then to Heian Jingu…


I went to Heian Jingu as because KinKi Kids’s Domoto Tsuyoshi 堂本剛 had his solo concert here ~ yet, the Shrine itself is so vast! Unfortunately, the garden was closed when I came …so, I know that I need to come earlier to view the garden! (Entrance Garden Fee is ¥600) 🙂

~ xoxo

my dream come true ~ #AyumiHamasaki

it is actually a simple dream to be said,
if you have to consider all the conditions and situations,
then it is difficult to make “this dream” or wish or hope or any words that is capable to express the desire i have inside for…*let me count* …around 10 years?

and yeap ~
to be able to watch Ayumi Hamasaki in Japan! *tears come out ~
oh well…i can’t express my happiness better than that – since i believe my 1 hour will-power and determination was totally paid-off! *since…the website is all in Japanese characters ~

i am still a Japanese fan or lover,
from its language to its culture – from history to their modern life
what amaze me the most is that Japanese people are able to preserve their old ancient traditions  – mention those all Matsuri they are having annually…uncountable!

then…how Kyoto still famous with its Gion – where we could actually see the Maiko and Geisha in their formal kimono walking around with their geta!

imagine Tokyo with its all modernisation however you still can see old castle, shrines, beautiful parks with its own history and sometimes you can see the children in their kimono attending some celebrations at their school or at the shrine.

Japan is still fascinate me up to now…as well as their Sakura trees when it blooms ~
…still i so can’t wait what Japan will show me next!

…anyway, i’ll stop here…
my purpose of writing this one post is just to express my overwhelm happiness,

xoxo ~

my age vs my interest

29 is my current age,
if you are sharing the same as me (well, just pretend to be one…),
what would be the thing that you fancy?
how will you dress yourself?
where is your happiest place?
what would you do if you have a freedom to do anything you like?
how will you decorate your workplace?

i don’t think i do deserve to be a 29 years old girl or woman or lady *oh whatever you like to say ~

i’m so very much in love with My Melody from Sanrio – you can see this from my My Melody’s organizer then all the stickers on my iPhone and stationaries,
then…lets not forget how much i fancy watching anime! love them and live with them! see my iMac and MacBook with Rozen Maiden’s wallpaper…

Disneysea and Sanrio Puroland are my most important place when i visit Japan ~ i could spend as long as hours and hours just to look at their merchandises…

i guess and quite believe – the only thing that is suitable for my age is my subject of interest – 2 subjects, actually ~ they are English Tudor History on Anne Boleyn and Japanese Culture (including Shinto and their Matsuri or festivals).
never ever try to count how many books i own ~ love them!

my one big wish as for now is if i just could go back to University again – i would love to take another Postgraduate in English Medieval History or Japanese Culture ~ quite dying to do it actually…

i never really care how do other people look at me or even having their own opinions about me.
i just want to be myself – a woman with an inner of 15 years old girl, a J-Pop lover – a fan of KinKi Kids for almost 13 years and keep going on… ~ love Pink than any other colours – nothing can beat flowers and butterfly!

…i am just “Me”

xoxo ~