Happy Birthday Kei-chan 💜

Dear Kei-chan, happy birthday to you...happy 33rd birthday to the NEWS's leader ~ keep yourself composed and stand up with pride Kei-chan! 🙂 never forget to smile and laugh ~ be positive and be the "Brightest" stay in your own "Neverland"! with everyone who care for you will always be right behind you ~ which … Continue reading Happy Birthday Kei-chan 💜


Kis-My-Ft2 to our Summer’s Stroll ~

...arrived early in Tokyo Haneda on August 3rd 2016, brought along my huge vast red suitcase from the Airport to Tokyo Station to put our suitcases in the locker (since we can't checked-in) ~ then looked for something to eat as our lunch...later grabbed back our suitcases...walked or hiked, to be exact (welcome to Shibuya, … Continue reading Kis-My-Ft2 to our Summer’s Stroll ~