on my own…

At one time moment, we do have to realise that we all live for our own sake – not for anyone else. Maybe that’s why most of us had and will have bittersweet memories, ups and downs time, heartbroken, feeling love and be loved.

Nevertheless, the fact that “human is the social creature that have been created by God” – then, i do realise that in the end one have to fight for its own life – as no one will understand what one would wants as well as maybe none of them will be willing enough to stand with us in our hard and difficult times.

I had learn enough about how to sacrifice everything for someone that i care and love dearly. I may have it more than enough – yet never tired of doing the exact same thing – just towards different person.

…At last however not the least…i do love my life for every single tiny reason and will living my life without any regrets ~ lesson learned and keep on learning until the end of time with believing myself that i am blessed…


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