Singapore Airlines, and why?

Not few of my friends will always ask me, why SQ Re?

why you would rather to fly alone in a different airlines – just for the sake of Singapore Airlines itself.
and yes ~ ~ ~ i did this every single time i flew with my family. My sisters and our parents will usually take the same flight ~ while me…i’ll fly with SQ all the way and all the time…

Now, that I am sitting nearby the waiting room for my departure to Tokyo Haneda, when the SQ aircraft was actually approaching to park, then suddenly that kinda “holy” question popped in to my brain.

So, now…i am thinking to answer this questions,

  1. SQ is home for me. I did my long-haul flight to London (back in April 2007), alone…when usually my parents will just fly with the daughters for their degree – but when its my turn, I didn’t have that moment. That very first experience, I was excited, I was overwhelmed – yet I am just alone…in SQ, I basically found home – getting know well with the flight attendants then becoming friends with some of the passengers – later I know…I am trapped in this SQ hole LOL!
  2. SQ never dissapoint me. Once i flew in economy class and i forgot my iPod (its a small one and even I just…forget it, its an old one) – yet SQ contacted me the next day and sent my iPod to my home.
  3. The food? Yummy! long haul means longing tummy to be fed . While other airlines (I don’t want to mentioned what are they) usually give you a quite while heated food (even its in business class), but I always feel that SQ gives you quite the fresh cooked ones – my favourite? their chicken satay!!!
  4. A trust. I feel safe everytime I fly with SQ. I had a 7 hours turbulance (it was the flight from London to Singapore), yet I feel safe and I was actually had fun ~ I know it sounds creepy – but just this faith that i will be okay…
  5. Comfort comfort comfort!

Nevertheless, I have friends that was once working for Singapore Airlines – so i know bits bads of it…still, I keep going on and fly with SQ everywhere I go – no matter how close and how far (except domestic though) ~

There you go ~ a short essay from me before I leave to see Don Juan!
(me is waiting for a detective to kick me) ❥❥❥


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